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Help Tirimbina fulfill its mission while living

a practical experience in the rainforest.



Tirimbina offers volunteering and internship programs in different areas. Interns and volunteers may either work with the Academic Department, on projects developed for environmental research or education, or in personnel training.


In return, they obtain training or experience in the area they work in and discounted rates for lodging and food. The selection of interns and volunteers will depend on the needs of the organization and the availability to provide the services they require. The requirements for volunteers and interns are different and depend on the area in which the person wishes to collaborate.

Volunteers: Visitors who wish to collaborate with Tirimbina, in any area (research, environmental education or ecotourism), but not necessarily associated to an academic institution.

Interns: Students from a local or foreign university that must carry out a research project in the area of science, as part of their study program.

For more information, write to:

Informative Brochure



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