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We have provided nearby communities with

free environmental education programs since 1999.

Tirimbina has provided free environmental education for nearby public schools for 20 continuous years. The funds obtained from ecotourism activities provide financial support for transportation and food, thus ensuring that all students are able to participate.

Currently, Tirimbina is working with an innovative environmental education program called “Amigos del Bosque” (Forest`s friends). The program is based on an inclusive, intergenerational, cooperative and healthy competition approach. So we are working with children, youth, families, adults and older adults. The methods and themes worked on, have been developed to allow a process that goes from awareness to action, in such a way, people with the ability to solve environmental problems, make decisions and develop pro-environmental behavior can be trained.

In addition, Tirimbina also receives groups of students of all ages, from elementary school to college, who visit the reserve to carry out several activities. These groups also collaborate with the financing of local school groups, while taking advantage of our facilities, lectures and educational activities:

The Tirimbina environmental education program "Forest´s Friends" had its pilot plan in 2022 and began to be formally executed in 2023

From Tirimbina to the community

We work with selected local communities in the Tirimbina's direct area of influence, the program is free for them and financed with ecotourism funds.

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Infographic about the environmental education program.

Friends of all ages

We work with people of a very large range of ages: children, youth, adults and seniors.


Water quality. Analyze the physical, chemical and biological factors that influence the water quality of the Sarapiqui River.


Bats and seeds. Carry out an experiment to analyze this mammal’s role in forest regeneration.


Butterflies in science. Study and explore the different environments in which butterflies develop.


Biodiversity. Measure the diversity of plants that exist at Tirimbina using simple ecology techniques.


Discover the rainforest. Observe and record various biological and physical aspects of this ecosystem.

These educational activities cover different topics of natural sciences and can be adapted to both school and college student groups. Each activity provides students with the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge they have acquired into practice while in direct contact with the resources they are studying.


Tirimbina offers short courses on topics related to the conservation of tropical forests, aimed at ecotourism guides, natural science students, nature resource managers and anyone interested in learning more about biodiversity, or natural heritage conservation. Our courses are given in Spanish and normally offered once a year, between September and November. Check the calendar to see if there are courses that are planned to be held soon in Tirimbina.

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