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Tirimbina has over 15 years of experience carrying ecotourism activities.


Our mission to conserve biodiversity guides these tourism activities towards a sustainable model that is always vigilant of our environmental, social and economic impact. Our commitment to the environment is easily demonstrated by our participation in certification processes. We have the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) and, we were part in the process of declaring the area of Sarapiqui a sustainable tourist destination, the reserve was also awarded the German TourCert label. Our commitment to sustainability has also led us to subscribe to the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation.



About 10% of the Tirimbina reserve is open to the public for tourism and educational activities, the rest of the reserve is dedicated to research and conservation. An 866 ft (264 m) long suspension bridge, high above the Sarapiqui River, serves as the gateway to 5.6 miles (9 Km) of trails which allows visitors to explore and experience the microenvironments found in the rainforest.


Among the services provided, Tirimbina offers 3 types of guest rooms, a restaurant, El Ceibo, and a wide range of tours:

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