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10% of Tirimbina is accessible for tourist and educational activities, the rest of the reserve is maintained for research and conservation. Within the area open to the public we have easily accessible trails that will allow you to visit the different microenvironments of the rainforest. Access to the forest is through a 264 m long suspension bridge , which crosses the Sarapiquí River. Additionally, we have a second suspension bridge open to the public between the trails to explore the forest from another perspective.

Just two hours from San José and along well-paved roads, you will find in Tirimbina everything you need to disconnect from stress and reconnect with nature. We offer:


  • Trails in a forest with exuberant biodiversity

  • Suspension bridges with stunning views

  • Accommodation with three types of rooms

  • Restaurant with a la carte and buffet service

  • Secure parking with 24/7 surveillance

  • Free internet access

  • Great variety of tours

All our tourist services are under the tourism sustainability certificate of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, endorsed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

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Tirimbina has more than 15 years of experience carrying out sustainable tourism activities


Our mission to conserve biodiversity guides tourism activities towards a sustainable model, always being vigilant about our environmental, social and economic impact . For this reason, we have a Sustainability Management System and certifications that allow us to demonstrate to visitors our commitment to the environment. Among them we have the Tourism Sustainability Certificate (CST) , internationally recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) . We also participated in the process to declare Sarapiquí as a sustainable tourist destination, becoming part of the organizations certified by the German company TourCert.


The commitment to sustainability has also led us to be part of the Code of Conduct Program , which promotes the fight against child sex tourism and we also have commits to gender equality by certifying us as a safe space for women who travel alone, through the initiative of Sofia Network . Tirimbina is also a proud bearer of the country brand "Esencial Costa Rica"  representing the values that accompany it, which are: excellence, sustainability, innovation, social progress and Costa Rican connection.

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