Several research projects have been carried out at Tirimbina

since the 60´s.


The curiosity of researchers has generated numerous scientific findings that allow us to better understand one of the most complex ecosystems on the planet: the tropical rainforest.

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Bio-Bosque:                                                                       A comprehensive monitoring of the rainforest

An approach to evaluate and relate the biodiversity and complexity of the soundscape with changes in the structure and phenology of the forest.

Lepidoptera project

Butterfly trapping of the Nymphalidae family to compare canopy and understory communities, with over 15 years of data. Collection and breeding of butterfly larvae carried out for over ten years.

Bat monitoring

Mist-netting capture to estimate the diversity and abundance of species present at Tirimbina Biological Reserve.

Bird nesting

Study of the reproductive biology of tropical birds: phenotypic plasticity and natural history.

Grant Projects

We offer to students the opportunity to carry out research, as part of our cooperative agreements with:


Diversity of dragonflies (Insecta: Odonata) associated with different aquatic environments in and around the Tirimbina Biological Reserve.

Tirimbina Grant -ACACED

Dispersion versus predation: Potalia turbinata and its relationship with chiroptera and rodents.

Tirimbina Grant - School of Biology, University of Costa Rica

Inventory of herpetofauna diversity and distribution in the Tirimbina Biological Reserve, Sarapiqui Heredia, Costa Rica.

Tirimbina Grant - School of Biology, University of Costa Rica



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