• Costa Rica, Heredia.

  • La Virgen de Sarapiquí.

  • N 10° 25'02.27 '',  W 84 ° 07'31.99''.

Climate (annual averages)

  • Temperature: 77.5° F (25.3 ° C)  -max 86° F (30° C), min 68,4° F (20,2 °C)-.

  • Relative humidity: 92 %.

  • Precipitation: 148.7 Inches (3777 mm).


  • Volcanic soil.

  • Between 509 and 720 FASL                  (180 y 220 MAMSL).

  • Low slopes: between 10 y 25%,  with a maximum of 60%.


  • 5,6 miles (9 km) of trails open to the public.

  • Additional trails available for research and conservation only.

  • Two suspension bridges.


  • Primary water basin: Sarapiquí River.

  • Other rivers: El Uno and Tirimbina.

  • Several streams and springs throughout the forest.


  • Life Zones (Holdridge): Very humid premontane tropical forest with transition to very humid basal tropical forest.

  • Coverage: 85% mature forest, areas in regeneration and old plantations.

Average monthly precipitation at Tirimbina

Satellite image of Tirimbina, taken from Google Earth




This forest has been nurtured by a passion for nature.


Tirimbina exists thanks to the joint efforts, and love for nature, that many people and organizations, both domestic and foreign, have contributed over the years to the protection of what is now the Tirimbina.

Tirimbina is currently run by a Costa Rican nonprofit association: the Tirimbina Association for Conservation, Research and Education (ATCIE). This association is responsible for establishing the guidelines required to carry out work that is consistent with the mission.

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The biannual                    Tirimbina´s newsletter

No. 15

July -December 2019

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