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Support the Future of Conservation at Tirimbina Biological Reserve

At Tirimbina, we work to protect and preserve the exceptional biodiversity of our region. We are committed to free environmental education for the community, scientific research and the protection of our biodiversity. We invite you to be part of our efforts and contribute to our conservation projects.

Wildlife Monitoring Project with Camera Traps

Your donation will allow us to carry out a wildlife monitoring project using camera traps. The objective is to compare areas of public use with trails closed to visitors, we will be able to obtain valuable information about wildlife and their habits. These data are essential to understanding how to best protect species and their habitats.

Ecological Restoration Nursery

With your support, we can continue carrying out an innovative project that allows us to collaborate with conservation outside the limits of the reserve . We will continue to maintain a nursery of native plants for ecological restoration. This nursery allows us to donate native plants of importance to fauna to reforestation and ecological restoration initiatives in the community. By restoring local ecosystems, we are contributing to biodiversity and the well-being of human communities that depend on the ecosystem services it provides.

Your contribution makes a difference!

By making a donation to the Tirimbina Biological Reserve, you are supporting projects that have a direct impact on biodiversity conservation and environmental education . Every donation, regardless of size, brings us closer to a future where humans and nature coexist in harmony.

How to donate?

Through the Amigos de Costa Rica platform you can make donations safely and tax-deductible in the United States of America.

Thank you for your generosity and for being part of our mission . Together, we can protect and preserve Tirimbina's biodiversity for future generations.

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